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Pasties By Post!

Here at Farmhouse Catering we are now able to offer you traditional, homemade, hand made Pasties delivered straight to your door via courier service.

Option 1:

1 x Box of 20 Cocktail Steak Pasties = £39.00

Option 2:

1 x Box of 12 Cocktail Steak Pasties &

8 Cocktail Cheese and Onion Pasties = £39.00

Option 3: 

1 x Box of 12 Medium Steak Pasties = £39.00

Option 4: 

1 x Box of 8 Medium Steak Pasties &

4 Medium Cheese and Onion Pasties = £39.00

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All prices shown above include postage and packaging costs.

The Pasties are sent out frozen and individually wrapped, ready to be cooked. Cooking instructions are also included. 

Pasties should not be refrozen upon delivery, however they can be cooked upon arrival and then frozen for up to two months if required.

Orders placed after 4pm will be taken as an order on the following day. Please check the table about before placing an order. Due to our particular courier service we are only able to deliver to mainland UK. We do NOT deliver to Scottish Highlands or Scottish Islands.

Our pasties are all homemade using the fresh ingredients as listed below. 

Steak Pasties:                             Cheese and Onion Pasties:

- Beef                                            - Vegetarian Pastry

- Potatoes                                    - Cheese

- Swede                                        - Potatoes

- Onion                                        - Onions

- Salt and Pepper                       - Salt and Pepper

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